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What Students Like About BeU:

Exceptional instruction (Christina  Joy will reify your understanding of yoga!); Well-round ed class schedule; Professional yet friendly atmosphere ; My back and hamstrings are finally healing and strengthening; And, they kept my forgotten yoga mat for 2 months while I tramped around out West! -An indispensable asset to our community! Ann D.


There is always a good positive vibe throughout the studio. Irregardless of who is teaching or present in the studio, I always feel welcome. Its been about a year since I started practicing here, and its my favorite studio by far in Wilmington! Megan W



The 75 minute class was balanced and a challenge. We flowed for about 45 minutes, moved into balancing postures and then our cool down. I really liked how she let us know how the current posture would lead into one two or three movements away. 

We felt welcome and now have a yoga studio to call
home when in Wilmington. Elizabeth B.



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Be Unlimited Yoga - 5725 Oleander Dr B10 ILM, NC 28403     


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