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Be Unlimited Yoga's Philosophy & Approach

While Be Unlimited Yoga's methods aim to inspire growth and deeper understanding of "The Self" in a student we believe in the development of programs that can get the yoga enthusiast to a state of optimal physical health in order to achieve clarity. We consistently add Workshops and Special Events that cater to these endeavors with a humble and "of Service" mentality, inviting Teachers, Guides and Specialists on the specific fields to ensure the highest level of learning experiences.

<< Oct 23 2018 - Apr 09 2019 >>

BeFly Arm Balancing Workshop with Battle Witherington Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
In this workshop, you will begin to build the foundation for your arm balances or sharpen and deepen your arm balance skills practicing some of the more challenging poses. You will have opportunities to connect one arm balance into another with strength and agility. You will practice incorporating and linking the postures within a flow class. Overcome your fear of flying in this fun filled 2 hour workshop!

Be Unlimited Yoga - 5725 Oleander Dr B10 ILM, NC 28403     


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