Caroline Cooley

Caroline’s love for yoga began over 12 years ago. She practiced on and off for years. In her personal practice she has found yoga to bring healing and self-acceptance on a level she’s been unable to find in any other way. In 2015 she decided to pursue her 200 hour RYT, which allowed her to deepen her own practice and tapped into a deep calling to share this healing and acceptance with others. Caroline has been teaching for a little over a year now, and her journey continues to nourish her life on a physical and spiritual level. She can’t wait to share these gifts with her students! Life is a celebration of joy and our bodies are the vehicles that take us on this journey. Caroline loves to create personal healing, freedom, and awareness through the practice of yoga. Encouraging breathing with the whole body, moving with the whole spirit, and embracing every moment so her students can shine their lights together to change the world.

Caroline Cooley instructs the following:
  • Vinyasa Warm Flow (95F-35%)
  • Level 1/2 Lengthen and strengthen to find balance on and off the mat. Flow through the fun and creative sequences for a whole body work out, from deep folds and backbends to arm balances and inversions. Strong focus on transitions as we combine movement with breath and basic alignment principles. Modifications offered!
    (60' Min - Level 1/2 - Temp: 95°F - 35% Hu)

  • $5 BeU Hot Flow (Comm. Class / 105F-50%)
  • A Reduced Rate Yoga Class for the Community!

    This Level 1/2 Ashtanga inspired set sequence integrates the core principles of traditional hot Bikram yoga with a Vinyasa power flow. Practiced in a heated room of up to 104 °F and 50% humidity, these 75 minutes of sweaty yoga will lead you to a lifetime of bliss, strength, focus and balance. Challenge not only the body but the mind by allowing the heat and music to transport you to a meditative state of awareness. With a devoted practice this will be increasingly accessible in your everyday life, becoming a permanent extension of your personality.
    Please arrive early as this class is highly attended and fills up quickly.