BeU Hot Flow (105°F-50%)

This class is taught by:

Christina Joy

When Christina’s journey with Yoga began she became fully committed experiencing the power of the present moment; coming to understand that the physical benefits are an added bonus. Christina is drawn to the spirituality and means of self-expression found through the practice. While developing a devoted study in the philosophies of meditation, asana and sacred music, she shares these teachings by infusing them into each sequence. Christina’s experiences has led her to find great empowerment through self-love, acceptance and faith. Her inspiration to teach is fueled by empowering others in effort to be of service to the community by spreading joy and love. Believing that as human beings our natural state is one of compassion, she uses the practice to return back to our true nature. Join her on the mat for a blissful experience bringing the mind, body & spirit into a state of union.

Karen Treinen

After experiencing the powerful healing quality of a dedicated yoga practice Karen Treinen was inspired to complete her 500 hour yoga teacher training in 2010. Through the postures and breath awareness, yoga develops a connection between the physical, mental, and spiritual states and gradually brings them into unity. Karen continually expands her practice by attending silent meditation retreats, leading local group meditations and sharing the blissful space of Kirtan - Sacred Indian Chanting. Karen's intention as a yoga teacher is to help people learn to heal themselves, and to continue to grow within her own practice. Her personal practice includes Ashtanga yoga with Larry Hobbs, Kriya Yoga, and Vipassana Meditation. She is also a trained Thai Yoga practitioner.

Ashley Hemingway

Ashley found a love for yoga on the search for an addition to her current fitness regime. With a background in Division I athletics, high intensity workouts and strength training has been the foundation of her physical fitness routine. Immediately, Ashley was drawn to the upbeat vinyasa flows and core strengthening elements, but what she found when deepening her yoga practice was an overwhelming feeling of calm, a deeper spiritual connection within herself and a more centering sense of being on and off the mat. Ashley just completed the 200 hour Instructor Development Program under BeUnlimted’s owners, Matteo and Holly Zacchino and feels blessed to begin her teaching journey here at BeU. Namaste.
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Jeanna Bunting

Jeanna is a 200hr Certified Yoga Instructor and SUP Yoga Instructor. She is continually inspired by the transformative power of Yoga —both internally and externally, and finds it to be a source of love and strength. She strives to bring a sense of fun, freedom and kindness to her classes, weaving in as many aspects of all that is yoga into the presentation of poses and breathwork. Her classes tend to be Vinyasa based, linking movement with steady connection to the breath and mindful investigation of qualities we are truly cultivating in our practice. Jeanna's connection to the ocean and love for nature, lead her to pursue combining her passions of yoga and standup paddleboarding. Taking her practice and teaching to the water as a SUP Yoga Instructor, where she loves connecting her students to the elements of Nature.

Battle Witherington

As a life long dancer, Battle started practicing yoga and found her joy in the Ashtanga tradition. Battle has been fortunate to practice with incredible teachers such as Larry Hobbs, Annie Pace, Tim Miller, and Richard Freeman. Now after completing 200 hour teacher training with world renowned teacher Sri Dharma Mittra, Battle is excited to share her passion with others. Battle’s teaching is in the classic Dharma style which integrates strength, flexibility and spiritual awareness combined with basic Ashtanga principles and postures. Battle believes that every practice is unique and that the body and mind gain new knowledge even where the asanas are the same. Battle strives to disseminate Dharma’s knowledge of how to achieve radiant health and spiritual development through the practice of yoga and the eight limbs of yoga as they enhance the life of the practitioner both on and off the mat.

Lauren Hancock

Through a dedicated yoga practice, I have discovered more about myself than I ever thought possible. What originated as a way to challenge my body while healing my mind has transformed into a powerful and uplifting way of life. I aim to share this experience with my students using motivational and compassionate guidance. Inspired by all of the amazing psychological and physical benefits of a regular yoga practice, I strive to share this knowledge as well as consistently build upon it.
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Caroline Cooley

Caroline’s love for yoga began over 12 years ago. She practiced on and off for years. In her personal practice she has found yoga to bring healing and self-acceptance on a level she’s been unable to find in any other way. In 2015 she decided to pursue her 200 hour RYT, which allowed her to deepen her own practice and tapped into a deep calling to share this healing and acceptance with others. Caroline has been teaching for a little over a year now, and her journey continues to nourish her life on a physical and spiritual level. She can’t wait to share these gifts with her students! Life is a celebration of joy and our bodies are the vehicles that take us on this journey. Caroline loves to create personal healing, freedom, and awareness through the practice of yoga. Encouraging breathing with the whole body, moving with the whole spirit, and embracing every moment so her students can shine their lights together to change the world.
This Level 1/2 Ashtanga inspired set sequence integrates the core principles of traditional hot Bikram yoga with a Vinyasa power flow. Practiced in a heated room of up to 105 °F and 50% humidity, these 75 minutes of sweaty yoga will lead you to a lifetime of bliss, strength, focus and balance. Challenge not only the body but the mind by allowing the heat and music to transport you to a meditative state of awareness. With a devoted practice this will be increasingly accessible in your everyday life, becoming a permanent extension of your personality.

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