BeU Hot Flow Yoga



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As with yoga, essential oils and plant extracts have been used for thousands of years to heal and balance the body, mind and spirit. Combining the two practices offers a new way to access physical, mental, spiritual and emotional benefits.

We offer 10 different approaches, each one is specifically designed and developed for maximum mental, spiritual and physical benefits. one for each Chakra, a Restorative, Activating and a Detox flow

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This Ashtanga inspired set sequence integrates the core principles of traditional hot Bikram yoga with a Vinyasa power flow. Practiced in a heated room of up to 104 °F  and 50% humidity, these 75 minutes of sweaty yoga will lead you to a lifetime of bliss, strength, focus and balance. Challenge not only the body but the mind by allowing the heat and music to transport you to a meditative state of awareness. With a devoted practice this will be increasingly accessible in your everyday life, becoming a permanent extension  of your personality.

Sacred Geometry Yoga

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This power class is vigorous yet accessible.  Inspired by the Ashtanga tradition, the Integrated fluid transitions seamlessly link the body, breath  & movement from pose 2 pose. Practiced in a heated room of up to 100 °F  & 50% humidity, these 60 minutes of sweaty, smooth, continuous Vinyasa flows will help deepen the breath, increase your endurance & calm the mind while restoring & shaping the body.

BeU 2 Power Flow Yoga
Sacred Geometry Yoga
Sacred Geometry Yoga
Sacred Geometry Yoga

*Have you been practicing for a few months now? Then, look out for the SILENT BeU Hot Flow! Undoubtedly a powerful, inspiring, meditative and introspective practice!

Sacred Geometry Yoga

BeU Fundamentals

An all levels interactive and fun class practiced at room temperatures never higher than 80 °F & no humidity added. Designed for new and continuing students who are looking to grow their practice within the BeU Hot Flow and beyond. Build a solid foundation for the basic poses as the class pauses occasionally to explore and deepen awareness within the postures. While learning and strengthening your understanding of fundamentals, you’ll develop a closer relationship with your mind, body and spirit.

Be Inspired

Mainly inspired by the integrative and gentle approach put forward by the Kripalu Yoga Style it is fused with the detail, precision and alignment methods, typical of the Iyengar Yoga Style of teaching. As the postures are accessible to brand new and experienced practitioners, young and old, the emphasis is on the transforming power of intentional breath work and awareness of yogic movement. Intense, yet with very low impact it is infused with positive thinking and affirmations; sure to deliver elasticity, bliss and abundance to mind, body & spirit.