Holly Zacchino

Inspired by her original teacher (Sumit Banerjee), Holly fell in love with Yoga over nine years ago. While being immediately drawn to the spiritual aspects of Yoga, it was the physiological benefits, like reduced stress, elevated moods, and much better sleep, that allowed her practice to evolve into something much deeper... Not only a defining and life changing experience, but ultimately an absolute way of life. Sharing her passion for yoga and introducing people to a better quality of life is the most rewarding experience one could imagine and her loving, kind and lighthearted spirit is sure to inspire all that with simplicity.

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Deborah Leader

Deborah's love for yoga is the essence through which her connection with the spirit can truly and best express itself. Native of Albenga (Italy) she came to the States at an early age, where the family businesses and passions helped the development of her altruist lifestyle. In 2010 she completed Bikram's teacher training in Nevada to then begin her teaching journey from Arizona to North Carolina. Aroma Yoga  & Essential Oils have a strong influence in her teaching style as she designed and directs the Aroma Yoga program as categorized as a BeU Series.

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Rachel Spalding:

Rachel’s strong background in dance & fitness is a strong influence for her dynamic, high energy teaching style. Yogic philosophy, fluid sequencing and challenging poses, inspire her, as she consistently strives to enable each student to “move out of their minds and deep into their bodies.” Accepting and loving themselves for what they truly are. "My intention is to assist students, calming their minds and bodies so to experience the comforting presence of their true self and stillness found within."

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Babs Sobota

Babs found her love of yoga in 2008 and continues to be passionate about her practice each day. She appreciates the physical well being, mental clarity and spiritual connection living her yoga brings. Beginning her study under Rebecca Niamtu her teachings are Anusara and Vinyasa inspired. For Babs, alignment and awareness are the focus when teaching others to find their teacher from within. She is inspired by watching others grow in their own lives and practices. She hopes to share her love of yoga with everyone she can reach.

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Susan Williams

Susan’s love for exercise and health is a daily addiction. She fell in love with yoga after taking an Ashtanga yoga class from Amy Sulva in 2001. She studied under Amy and Ashley Ludman and received her 200 hour certification in 2004. Susan went on to earn her Karma Kids certification in 2006 and Anusara Influenced certification in 2008. She enjoys practicing yoga every day on, and off, the mat. Her intention is to guide her students to a life of joy, personal acceptance and self awareness. “Each time I come to my mat it is like a mini vacation; just breathe… ” 

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Amy Parrish

Amy Parrish has been dedicated to her Yoga practice since 2009 after being introduced to Yoga as a means for rehabilitating post-knee surgery. She fell in love with Yoga after 2 classes and gives thanks to Yoga for her speedy recovery, which quickly enabled her to move from therapeutic Yoga practices to Vinyasa based classes.

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Amanda Cunningham

Amanda came to yoga in 2010 during her pregnancy to learn breathing, focusing, and meditation techniques to assist with childbirth. She returned after the birth of her son with the initial intention of losing baby weight. What she found was an outlet to release the anxiety of being a new mom and a healthy way to cope with post-partum depression. Being a mental health professional, Amanda noticed parallels between yoga and coping skill techniques that she practiced with her clients. Amanda integrates positive thinking, self-affirmations, and visualization in her yoga teaching; as well as, asana and pranayama in her mental health career. “I believe that we all have the ability to have happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. Sometimes we just need guidance on how to use these skills to heal from the inside out.”

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Here you will find information for all Instructors currently leading classes at Be Unlimited Yoga in Wilmington.

We believe that their BeU Hot Flow music selection and their personal note, inspirations and motivations are an important representation of an instructor’s credo and purpose, therefore we decided to take the extra step in getting you such info.

Rebecca Niamtu

Rebecca Niamtu is a 200Hr Certified Yoga Instructor and a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist. Through yoga and massage therapy she hopes to help the planet & students heal from within and find freedom in their bodies.

Rebecca's heartfelt and playful approach is influenced by Anusara and Vinyasa traditions, with focus on alignment and self-awareness both on and off the mat she incorporates Hatha, Bhakti, and Karma yoga into her classes, cleansing and healing the body mind and spirit.

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Keegan White

Keegan began her regular yoga practice in 2007 when searching for spiritual and emotional healing.  The physical strength, self-awareness and inner peace she’s gained from a consistent yoga practice are what naturally led her to want to help others access the same qualities in themselves.  She completed her 200 hour certification in 2011 and is obtaining her 500 hours.  With over 1,000 hours of teaching, Keegan is a certified experienced registered yoga teacher with extensive training in hands on assisting, the art of sequencing classes, anatomy and musculoskeletal assessment, and inversions and arm balances.  She loves sharing the journey of yoga with others; her light-hearted spirit brings a fun and nurturing environment to her classes.

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Brittany Butcher

Britt came to yoga in 2001 seeking freedom from injuries as a collegiate athlete. The asana practice was a natural fit for her having spent more than a decade of her youth as a competitive gymnast. As Britt’s practice evolved, so did her appreciation for her improved health and her newfound emotional and spiritual awareness.

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Spotify Playlist Coming Soon

Brandi Craddock

My goal is to be a healing footprint in the sands of universal time and creation. I became inspired to teach yoga when I realized the incredible life changing effects I saw and felt within myself. I quickly realized the best way to heal yourself is to heal others as you receive the energy you share. Yoga is my outlet for self-expression and a gateway for love, light, strength, and acceptance. I find importance in unmasking personal limitations and boldly breaking past those barriers we place upon ourselves. I hope to help and encourage everyone reach their true potential. Namaste.

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