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The Akea Essentials is a nutrient dense, probiotics and enzymes rich supplement derived from direct fermentation of a variety of 30 super-foods!

Think of the Akea 3-Day Blast! as a 3 Day Spa treatment for your cells, giving them a chance to rest and rejuvenate while blasting them with focused nutrition.

Pack contains:

· 15 Akea Quick Packs (5 per day)

· 1 Shaker Bottle

· Instructional sheet / FAQs


Preparing for your Akea 3-Day Blast!

Here are a couple things we recommend.


1. If you use caffeine, please do not stop. Sudden caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches which can be quite severe. This will be detrimental to your Blast experience so we recommend continuing with caffeine intake. Switching to Green Tea over coffee is best, but if not continue with coffee,eliminate sugar, cream or other additives.

2. Start your day with squeezing half a lemon in a warm 8 ounce glass while on your Blast!


How To Do The Blast!

The Akea Blast is as easy as 1-2-3!


  1. 1.Mix one quick pack of Akea Essentials with a 16oz cup, alternating fresh organic fruit or vegetable juice with smoothies (See suggested recipes below).

                  Repeat 5 times per day every 3 hours (i.e. 6am-9am-12pm-3pm-6pm)

2. Do not eat solid foods. Drink water or green tea / coffee if your body is used to it, avoid caffeine withdrawal.

  1. 3. Repeat for 3 days

Suggested Juice & Smoothies Recipes:

Juice extraction method

Organic/local fruits and vegetables ONLY :)


1.Cucumber (1whole)

2.Lemon (1whole)

  1. 3.Kale (3 Whole Leaves)

  2. 4.Parsley or Mint (as desired)

  3. 5.Apple (1whole)

  4. 6.Carrots or beets (1whole)

Smoothie Blender

Organic/local fruits and vegetables ONLY :)


1.2oz Filtered H2O

2.Romaine Lettuce (1/4 Head)

  1. 3.Spinach (1/2 Cup)

  2. 4.Cellery Stalck (1)

  3. 5.Apple (1/2 Cored)

  4. 6.Pear (1/2)

  5. 7.Banana (1/2)

  6. 8.Lemon Juice

  7. 9.Ice Cubes (4)

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This is Be Unlimited Yoga’s preferred health related product, the Akea Essentials. We are endorsing this product because, to our knowledge there is no other organic, whole food based, probiotic & nutrient rich product like this readily available anywhere! Also it is somewhat local! Raleigh, NC :)

Today’s fast paced lifestyles don’t really allow us to have a well balanced and nutritious diet. The Akea Essentials are a great way for us to feed ourselves delivering readily available nutrients, minerals, probiotic & enzymes straight to the cells.

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Akea Essentials, BeU Yoga Instructors Official Nutritional Supplement